Assalamu Alaikum (peace be upon you),

MCS would like to wish you Ramadan Kareem! May Allah SWT accept our ibadah (worship) in this blessed month.

In preparation for Ramadan, MCS partnered with Uplift Charity to deliver 14,000+ pounds of food to needy families in San Diego this past weekend. Thank you for your donations and to our volunteers who made this possible!

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Thank you for visiting the website of the Muslim Community Services of San Diego (MCSSD), a registered 501(c)3 organization serving the local community since 2005.

الراحمون يرحمهم الرحمن ، ارحموا من في الأرض يرحمكم من في السماء

The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), said “The Compassionate One has mercy on those who are merciful. If you show mercy to those who are on earth, He Who is in the heaven will show mercy to you” (Abu Dawud)

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