Ramadan Appeal for Zakaat and Fitra


Salaam Alaikum!

First off, a big thank you to our community for your support last year. We had many clients who lost their income due to the pandemic but by the blessings of Allah and your help, MCS was able to help almost every single person who came to us in some way. You recognized the need of your fellow brothers and sisters and shouldered their pain. You can’t imagine the relief they feel when they don’t get that eviction notice because MCS bridged the gap to meet their rent; or when their electricity and internet was not shutdown and their kids continued online schooling because MCS paid their utility bills; or when they got fresh and nutritious food from a grocery store participating in our food voucher program; or when our mental health counselor helped them deal with their stresses and maintain a healthy and positive family atmosphere in their homes.

MCS is privileged to distribute your Zakaat and Sadaqa to deserving families right here in San Diego. We are confident to say that 100% of your Zakaat-al-Maal donation goes out to Zakaat eligible clients. And 100% of your Zakaat-al-Fitr donation goes out as food aid to eligible recipients. Every single board member and staff understands that they are personally accountable for the trust you bestow upon us with your donation. The fact that MCS has been operating for over 15 years is the most important validation of that trust from our community. Your neighbours and community members have a right on your Zakaat and Sadaqa. MCS is honored to provide this service to you.

Click here to donate your Zakaat and Sadaqah